Return to relevance main page from the relevance archive from the winter 1997 issue, volume six, number one: somme casualties being evacuated from charing cross stationby j. Women viagra dosage Hodgson lobley war and the first century of heart surgery by alan s. buy viagra from usa Coulson, md, phd, facs and michael e. viagra and viagra in combination Hanlon, research editor in july 1896, stephen paget's classic textbook, surgery of the chest, was published. duration of viagra In this book, he declared the heart to be off-limits to surgeons. He wrote, "surgery of the heart has probably reached the limits set by nature, no new methods and no new discovery can overcome the natural difficulties that attend a wound of the heart. best generic viagra price " on the continent, professor billroth concurred: " a surgeon who tries to suture a heart wound deserves to lose the esteem of his colleagues. cheapest viagra canada " paget and billroth's pessimism not withstanding, ludwig rehn of frankfurt - a former german hussar turned surgeon -- made the first successful suture of a human heart wound in september of the same year, 1896. buy real viagra online This was the beginning of cardiac surgery -- exactly one century ago. Costco pharmacy viagra cost That same period would see the two costliest wars in history fought. where to buy generic viagra As human tragedies, they were unsurpassable; but as for medicine, especially the new field of heart surgery, they were a boon. existe viagra generico mexico Less than 20 years of paget and billroth's cautions and rehn's procedure, world war i began. where to buy viagra With ill-informed commanders repeatedly relearning that bravery was no match for machine guns fired over open sites, there were unprecedented scenes of horror in the casualty-clearing stations. Viagra 20mg bayer preis It is difficult to imagine the carnage. viagra how long for it to work Men were driven insane by the sight and sound of it. best generic viagra pharmacies Most soldiers with heart wounds die on the battlefield. viagra discount online They perish from the immediate trauma, from shock -- the failure of the cardiovascular system to deliver sufficient blood flow --, or from the accumulation of blood in the pericardium. viagra in australia for sale According to the british official medical history one typical great war casualty clearing station saw only one patient among 123 with chest wounds who had survived with a missile in his heart. viagra how long for it to work [note 1. ] but, even though this phenomena was a statistical rarity, the blood-letting on the great war's battlefields produced a substantial number of patients with bullets and metallic fragments in their hearts who survived their initial injury. order cheap viagra online These wounded survivors demanded some attention because their prospects were still dismal: "the practical significance of the retained foreign body is twofold, in the early stages as a cause of infection usually giving rise to pericarditis, in one of the cases recorded to an abscess in. illegal sell viagra online new viagra commercial drummer