Home 3 or more cups of caffeinated coffee daily linked to vision loss submitted by mohit joshi on sun, 10/07/2012 - 13:18 health washington washington, october 7 : heavy caffeinated coffee drinkers are at increased risk of developing exfoliation glaucoma, the leading cause of secondary glaucoma worldwide, according to a new study. buy real viagra Happens if you give women viagra The study is the first to examine the link between caffeinated coffee and exfoliation glaucoma in a u. viagra daily for prostate generic viagra no prescription S. viagra online How much does viagra cost in nz –based population. how do viagra and viagra differ viagra google results “scandinavian populations have the highest frequencies of exfoliation syndrome and glaucoma,” said author, jae hee kang, scd, of channing division of network medicine at brigham and women''s hospital in boston, mass. viagra online compare contrast viagra viagra “because scandinavian populations also have the highest consumption of caffeinated coffee in the world, and our research group has previously found that greater caffeinated coffee intake was associated with increased risk of primary open-angle glaucoma, we conducted this study to evaluate whether the risk of exfoliation glaucoma or glaucoma suspect may be different by coffee consumption,” he stated. generic viagra yahoo answers The study was composed of two cohorts: 78,977 women from the nurses’ health study (nhs) and 41,202 men from the health professionals follow-up study (hpfs) who were at least 40 years of age, did not have glaucoma and reported undergoing eye examinations from 1980 (for nhs participants) and 1986 (for hpfs participants) to 2008. generic viagra united states The research team used questionnaires to obtain and validate the consumption of beverages containing caffeine and reviewed medical records to determine incident cases of exfoliation glaucoma, which contributes to elevated pressure sufficient enough to damage the optic nerve, or exfoliation glaucoma suspect that have milder or only suspect optic nerve damage. viagra buy on line no prescription canada A meta-analysis of the two cohorts showed that, compared to abstainers, participants who drank three cups or more of caffeinated coffee daily were at an increased risk of developing exfoliation glaucoma or glaucoma suspect. buy viagra pills The researchers did not find associations with consumption of other caffeinated products, such as soda, tea, chocolate or decaffeinated coffee. online to buy viagra or cialis The results also showed that women with a family history of glaucoma were at an increased risk. generic viagra Kang, along with his colleagues, report that this study represents a much needed effort to better understand the causes of exfoliation glaucoma, which are largely unknown. viagra wholesale “because this is the first study to evaluate the association between caffeinated coffee and exfoliation glaucoma in a u. viagra daily for prostate S. pfizer viagra price in pakistan Population, confirmation of these r. Where to buy viagra from in uk viagra effects for women